Work Place Reps

Our volunteer workplace reps play a vital day-to-day role in helping UNISON members.

They are organisers who talk to, recruit and organise members around workplace issues, hold meetings, undertake surveys and help run ballots. They give members information about union issues by publicising UNISON campaigns, distributing leaflets and keeping members informed about and involved in local negotiations. They are advisers and sounding boards, talking to members about workplace problems and – if they feel confident – giving advice on how to deal with these. Alternatively, they may arrange for the member to get advice or assistance from elsewhere in the union, or work with them to get the information they need. They are representatives and spokespersons for members in their workplace. Reps also act as a link between members, other union representatives and the national organisation. Where the union has a recognition agreement, stewards, health and safety reps and learning reps have a legal right to ‘reasonable’ time off for union duties. Good recognition agreements may also allow some time off for union activities – rather than duties – but with will depend on the particular agreement and employer. Support is available for UNISON reps from your branch and region, as well as more experienced colleagues, and every region runs training courses for reps throughout the year.

Find your Rep

Search for a Rep by your employer, workplace or name below. If you don’t currently have a workplace rep, why not speak to colleagues about electing someone. Find out more here.

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