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The world’s political leaders will be meeting in Glasgow after flying over from their respective countries.  In between their lavish dinners, they will be discussing collective action to address the climate emergency.  As the name of the event the suggests this is the 26th time then have met.  However, we are still to see anything that we could call significant action.

We read in our news daily about wildfires, floods, and extreme storms.  These negative effects of climate change are happening now. The problem is going to get worse, as forest fires release more carbon into the atmosphere, further warming the planet.

The world’s leaders and big business are not listening.  Some big businesses are.  With Branson, Bezos and Musk investing in space flight, which make you wonder where they think they are off to.  We and our children do not have such expensive escape routes and we will be expected to suffer the worse.

It is up to us to make our voices heard.  There are two days of international action planned, some of which will take place in Bristol. On November 5th is the youth climate strike.  Whilst we are not asking you to strike, you can support the youth during lunch and breaks.  If you design any banners or placards, take a photo of yourselves and share it with your branch.

On Saturday November 6th there is a major march taking place in Bristol.  It is starting at midday on College Green and finishing there. We will be there with the Branch banner will be there, so come and join us trying to save the planet. More details below.

No jobs on a dead planet.

Bristol – Global Day of Action for Climate Justice 6th Nov

Host Contact Info:

Bristol Demonstration Details

Date: Saturday 6 November
Time: Meet 12 noon / March 1pm / Rally at College Green 3pm
Place: College Green, Bristol

  • Join the trade union and workers section, meeting 12pm at the Victoria Statue, College Green.
  • More sections TBC.
  • Rally speakers TBC.

Get involved: We need help with the following. Email if you want to help.

  • Publicity (leafleting, street stalls, etc)
  • Logistics and finance (donations, rally stage/speakers etc)
  • Banner/placard making
  • Leafleting/meetings in/around workplaces
  • Getting trade unions, community organisations and others onboard



Read the COP26 Coalition Briefing Paper 

The COP26 Coalition has produced an informative briefing paper for trade unionists. Click the heading or the image below to view the paper (7 pages).


#SystemChangeNotClimateChange #ClimateJobsAndJustice #JustTransitionNow #OurClimateOurJobs

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