Dear Members,
It’s Pride season once again, it hardly seems like twelve months since last Pride, the first one I had ever personally attended. This year sees two anniversary’s, the first being the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots on 29th June 1969 and the second being the tenth anniversary of Bristol Pride. There will be a lot going on around these two themes.
Last year’s Pride march through the centre of town was massive, and I expect this year’s will be even bigger. The event after the march has been moved from the centre of town this year up to the Downs, giving a much bigger area to use and hopefully mean that anyone going on to that can really enjoy themselves and feel much less crowded and confined.
For those of you wishing to purchase Wristbands, Flags, Pronouns Badges etc… the Pride Hub is now open in the Vestibule at City Hall, pop in and say Hi to Daryn and the Pride Team.
The 2019 Pride celebrations began last Friday, 28th, with a flag-raising at City Hall, attended by members of the group, the Mayor, Marvin Rees, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Asher Craig, the Lord Mayor, Councillor Jos Clarke, Sing Out Bristol and a host of other people from across the Bristol LGBT+ community and friends, where we commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which began on that day in 1969 in New York.
The commemorations continued on Saturday, 29th, the second and last day of the riots, with an event in the Lord Mayor’s Chapel to Remember Stonewall fifty years on, with speakers from various organisations and the Deputy lord Mayor, Councillor Cleo Lake.
Both events were very well received and well attended, and it is great to be working closely with Bristol Pride this year and helping to rebuild the Council’s relationship with Pride.
There is a full programme of events over the coming days, for the full list either visit the website: or drop into the Hub in the Vestibule at City Hall and pick up a Programme.
Apart from going to events and taking part in the march, we would really like to encourage everyone to decorate their workstation or their department with rainbow flags, bunting, posters or anything Pride/LGBT+ related you can think of, we did this last year and some of the decorations have stayed up permanently. Lots of shops have flags etc… let’s fill City Hall, 100 Temple Street and anywhere we work with rainbows .
We were planning a possible Charity Cake Sale for next week, but this has been postponed for the time being owing to not enough interest coming in, we will organise one for a bit later in the summer.
We will once again be joining the Parade through the Centre of Town on Saturday 13th July, and we will hopefully be joined by members of the Youth Council and our colleagues from the various departments across BCC. Last year’s parade had over 12,000 people taking part. This year’s Parade promises to be even bigger.
We will meet between 9 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. at the Lord Mayor’s Chapel on College Green, which is situated between Costa Coffee and the old Fopp store. Then make our way to Castle Park where everyone will be gathering from 10 a.m. The Parade sets off at 10.45 a.m. The more the merrier, please come and join us in celebrating the wonderful diversity that is BCC, and bring your friends. EVERYONE WELCOME.
For anyone who would like to go to Pride but can’t make it to Bristol Pride or if you want to carry on the celebrations, Weston-super-Mare Pride is on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July in Grove Park, Weston-super-Mare. Visit for more information.
A few weeks ago I met with Claire Corrigan and another representative of the Bristol City Youth Council (BCYC) and Bristol Members of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP) who are an elected group of young people aged 11 to 18, after they requested Rainbow Lanyards. They are very keen to get involved with ourselves and with the other SLG’s at events and to support us in general. I am hoping that for the next newsletter to have a write up about BCYC from Claire and some pictures of them sporting their lanyards to share with the group. It is really good that others within the organisation want to actively show their support and encourage those around them to do the same.
The Rainbow Lanyards are as popular as ever and demand for them from various colleagues and departments who want to show their support of LGBT+ colleagues has been very high lately, 37 were requested for the Youth Council, and over 150 have gone out to Bristol Community Links Teams, (see pictures below), our stock of Lanyards is now getting very low, which is a great thing, and it is probably time to think about ordering more, more and more colleagues and Councillors are wearing them, it would be fabulous if at some point we see everyone sporting the Lanyards and feeling free to show their support for the LGBT+ community.
There will be quite a few events months, for both ourselves as a group and in the wider LGBT+ community. Among them will be National Coming Out Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Mental Health Day & World AIDS DAY.
If you hear of other events that we can take part in or help promote please let us know or post them on Facebook.
Interculture have an upcoming event taking place during Bristol Pride month: “Being LGBT+ Across Communities and Racism in the LGBT World”, where we invite people to listen to and discuss LGBTQ+ related issues in “cross culture communities” in a non-judgemental space. There will be an interactive panel discussion followed by Q&A, and self-generating smaller group conversations as well as time to socialise and create stronger bonds in the local community.
At Interculture we believe it is essential to talk to different LGBTQ+ members from a variety of backgrounds in order to learn about the issues they are facing and to become more aware of stigmatised views and stereotypes that are harming LGBTQ+ members. We want to create an atmosphere to learn more and ask questions and give LGBTQ+ people the opportunity to respond (as in our experience they are happy to – if given the opportunity). We believe it is important to discuss issues within our communities and in society. LGBTQ+ people from varying backgrounds will share issues that affect them, such as racism or exclusion from spaces for trans, bi, disabled people or those of faith. Explaining terminology, they’ll also challenge harmful stereotypes and explore the effects of colonisation on sexual orientation laws and views around the world.
This event welcomes absolutely anyone and everyone who would like to attend; please come along and observe the discussion or join in the conversation. If you would like to be more involved, we are also looking for panel speakers to step up with us to the front lines of the discussion. We encourage both experienced and first-time speakers to participate, so if you would like to get involved please let us know! We are also on the lookout for sponsorship for this event, if you are interested please contact us!
Visit: for more information and to book tickets via Eventbrite. Please also take a look at our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts! Please share this event and don’t forget to invite your friends, we would greatly appreciate any support you can give us!
RAINBOW SERVICE FOR BRISTOL PRIDE Saturday 13th July at 10 a.m.
The New Room (John Wesley’s Chapel)Broadmead Bristol BS1 3JE
Entrance from The Horsefair via the New Room Café
Following this you are welcome to join us in the Pride Parade from Castle Park or cheer the marchers on with our standing group. Bring a positive placard or wear purple for the occasion.
You can order a Christians at Pride t-shirt for £10 from:
Visit: for more informstion about this and other events.
PROUDbristol’s July event will be taking place at Stride Treglown in Clifton, Bristol. This event will focus on LGBT+ and the professional built environment. Speakers will be present from various professional consultancies. Please come and join us at Stride Treglown’s British Council of Offices (BCO) regional award winning office. Refreshments and food will be provided on the evening in their visitors lounge, overlooking their garden.
PLEASE NOTE THAT: Pictures may be taken at the event and used on social media or for other marketing purposes (if you would prefer for your photo not to be taken please do let us know); and your name and e-mail address will be shared with Stride Treglown but only for security purposes and access to the venue.
Visit: for more information or book tickets via eventbrite.
I wish you all a Happy PRIDE.
All the Best,
Marek J Barden
LGBT+ Employee Group Chair

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