Members of the Bristol UNISON branch with Charlotte from the Zero Tolerance Initiative


The Bristol Branch of UNISON has this week announced that they have donated £2,000 to the Bristol Zero Tolerance Summer Appeal.

The Branch Secretary, Jane Carter, said that:

“The Bristol Zero Tolerance initiative is something our branch has supported for a long time and when we heard that their funding had been cut we were really concerned that the good work they had done wouldn’t be able to continue. The initiative has been really effective in ensuring that gender-based harassment is taken seriously and treated as a hate crime and the overall aim is to ensure that Bristol is a safer place for women to live and work in.

Our branch membership is made up of 70% women which means we have over three thousand women in our organisation working across hundreds of different employers and so this has to be high up on our list of priorities.

We are keen to ensure that the summer appeal reaches and even goes beyond its target and therefore we would encourage others to donate as well and the website gives lots of useful information about how donations can help.

It’s a crying shame that Local Government finances have been cut to the bone in recent years and that this has an impact on such important initiatives. We will continue to work with UNISON nationally to reverse the austerity that the government has imposed on local councils.

In the meantime, we’re doing our bit and hope you can do your bit too.”

Big Thank you to all our members for this generous donation which should help secure the work of the Zero Tolerance Initiative. If any members would like to share the information about the appeal, there is a link here:

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