The Branch Secretary will shortly be leaving so we are seeking nominations for a new Branch Secretary. All full members of Bristol UNISON Branch can nominate people to stand and everyone will have received a communication with full details shortly.

The Nomination form can be found here  Branch_Officer_nomination_form Branch Sec vacancy

The branch secretary is the main contact person with the wider union. They handle branch administration and work with the branch chair and other leading officers to provide leadership. They are often a senior negotiator.Full training is provided for the role

The role covers a wide area of tasks and further information can be found on the UNISON website here:

In Bristol Branch we employ Branch Staff so the role will also include being their day to day manager for all employment issues including salaries, pensions, recruitment etc.

The role requires facility time to be able to complete all tasks so this will need to be agreed with your employer.

The nomination period is three weeks until the 30th August 2019. If you are interested, please complete a nomination form (attached) and send it back to by 2pm on 30th August 2019.

Late nominations forms can’t be accepted.

Please also send a short statement (no longer that 1 side of A4, Arial 12 pt)

This statement should explain why you think you would be suited to the role and will be used if more than one person is nominated then there will need to be an election and these statements will be sent out to all members to help them decide who to vote for.

If you wish to ask any questions about this role or find out more, please contact the Branch office on 0117 353 3956 or

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